Rotary cultivator angle gear box series

Rotary cultivator angle gear box series

Product overview

1.Arc cone angle gear box is standardized.varieties,speed rate2.33:1,average rate>98%.
2.Arc cone gear wheel can operate relibility on two side,with low rate or high rate.
3. The shaft and box are made of high-strength materials, small size, light weight and large bearing capacity.
4.Arc-shaped gear has product according with international advanced standard,has advantages of ltle vibration,low noise and ect.

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Type Reduction ratio /Size comparison
A B C φD E Gear module
SHX-35-X 2.33:1 φ35 8x32x38x6 5
SHX-G38-X 2.33:1 φ38 8x42x48x8 6.5

A.B.C dimension can be customization according with buyer requirements

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