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Aluminum alloy and zinc alloy die-casting and agricultural machinery gearbox manufacturing, Customization of various non-standard parts and We can provide anodizing, painting, powder coating and other services according to your requirements.

Trustworthy from model to production

Meticulous and thoughtful service, fast product delivery, and dedication to providing customers with solutions that exceed expectations

Automatic production line

From raw materials to finished products, high-precision automated CNC machine tools and industrial robots have helped us improve production efficiency and product quality; We drive every project with ISO9001 and IATF16949 system certification quality standards.

Customization Process
Industrial CT tomography

By industrial CT scanning, detect the porosity, position, and size of die castings, analyze the causes of porosity in die castings, adjust die casting parameters in a timely manner, and reduce the scrap rate of porosity in die castings.

Customization Process
Renishaw probe measurement technology

The Renishaw probe measurement technology can provide more accurate measurement data, shorten the delivery cycle time of products to customers, replace traditional manual measurement, and eliminate potential errors and misreadings that may occur.

Customization Process

Global well-know partners

we have became reliable partner for many well-know manufacturers in domestic and oversea,such as ASCO L.P.,ROSS CONTROL,GERMAN TIMMER GMBH,JAPAN TBK,ASCO VALVE CO.,LTD,NORGREN and ZOOMLINE ZHEJIANG CO.,LTD.


National high-tech enterprisesNational High-Tech Enterprise In China

China Shallop

We is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of pneumatic components,junction box,automotive components,reduction gear box,speed-changing gear box.Our company has 160 to 950 tons of die casting machine,automatic aluminum melting and feeding system,Aluminium alloy automatic passivation production line,CNC machine,NC lathes,spectrograph,CMM,contrassor,computer leaking test instrument,industrial CT machine and others advanced production and testing equipment.Manufacture parts use for pneumatic auto control,explosion-proof,environment protection,automotive and agriculture mechanical area…

SINCE 1998
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Ingenuity For Manufacturing Innovation For Far-reaching

China Shallop
Brand culture

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  • Enterprise vision: to enhance value with quality, to become the first supplier of customers.
  • Enterprise mission: to help China's intelligent manufacturing with precision manufacturing technology.
  • Enterprise philosophy: professionalism casts quality, quality achieves brand.
  • Corporate values: customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit.