Speed change gearbox series

Speed change gearbox series

Product overview

This corner gearbox has the following features:
1. Straight bevel gear corner gearbox standardized, diversified, high speed gear: 2.151:1, low speed gear: 2.805:1, average efficiency greater than 98%.
2. The straight bevel gear can run forward and reverse, low speed or high speed transmission smooth.
3. The shaft and box are made of high-strength materials, small size, light weight and large bearing capacity.
4. Straight bevel gear produce according to international advanced standards, with low vibration and low noise characteristics.

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Type Reduction ratio
(Low speed)
Reduction ratio
(High speed)
Size comparison
A B C Modules of bevel gears
SHFD-1 2.805:1 2.151:1 397 φ38 8x32x38x6 7
SHFD-2 2.805:1 2.151:1 236 φ38 8x32x38x6 7

A.B dimension can be customization according with buyer requirements

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